Over the past three decades, enclosure systems from Michigan-based Corners Limited have kept thousands of critters alive and thriving across North America.

Considered the foremost expert in this specialty, Corners Limited services a customer base of who’s-who of zoos and sanctuaries – from Hawaii to Rhode Island, Texas to Toronto, and points in between.

The company’s long-lasting and spacious enclosures and cages also are popular with bird breeders and pet bird owners.

Corners Limited uses high-quality Galvanized After Welded (GAW) wire mesh to fabricate best-in-class enclosures and cages – designed to optimize the health and longevity of birds and animals.

“A quality, spacious aviary enclosure is one of the most important considerations for confined animals and birds,” said Jim Pestoor, founder of Corners Limited. “The right construction, size, shape, and perching will provide the optimal enclosure to support the animal or bird’s movements and needs.”

Founder’s flight to bird cages

What started as a hobby in 1980 – building cages for canaries, finches and cockatiels – turned into a vocation for Pestoor. He arrived in the United States as a teenager from the Netherlands and worked in the mold making business for the plastics industries.

Quality materials key for corners

Infusing his engineering expertise and experience into his hobby, Pestoor designed a modular enclosure system, consisting of extruded 1” square, anodized aluminum tubing and “super tough” molded, nylon connectors. He initially imported wire from England, but switched to 12.5 gauge wire mesh from Riverdale Mills Corporation, his preferred supplier for the past 10 years.

“As an enclosure supplier to zoos, sanctuaries, academic institutions, breeders, and hobbyists, everyone at Corners Limited shares our customers’ passion for the wellbeing of the birds and animals in their care,” said Pestoor. “To that end, it is vitally important to provide only the highest quality structures made from the best components.”

To ensure consistent high quality for customers, Corners Limited uses “Galvanized After Welding” wire mesh for cages and enclosures. “As a manufacturer of only GAW wire mesh, Riverdale Mills Corp. is our reliable source of the durable materials we need to fulfill our promise of quality to our customers,” said Pestoor.

“Our Galvanized After Welding mesh lasts 5 to 10 times longer than Galvanized Before Welding products,” Riverdale Mills CEO James Knott said. “It provides excellent security and long-term value, which is ideal for aviary enclosures, animal cages, and a host of other security fencing applications.”

Why GAW wire mesh?

With Corners Limited for 28 years, Jeff Smith, operations manager, is one of the company’s top experts in bird and animal enclosures. Smith has logged over a million miles on the road, calling on and assisting customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. He knows well why zoos and sanctuaries request top-of-the-line enclosures from Corners Limited.

“We precisely-design each enclosure based on our customers’ needs and the particular needs of the animal or bird, said Smith. “Our enclosures resist corrosion, are long-lasting and reflect the pride we take in building the very best products.”

Since Riverdale Mills embraces strict quality standards, the company consistently meets Corners’s quality demands. “After our mesh has been welded, we run it through a tank of molten zinc,” said Knott. “The mesh then emerges with a thick zinc coating bonded to the wire, which completely seals and protects each welded joint, eliminating the risk of premature corrosion.”

By supplying quality welded wire mesh in a variety of gauges and configurations, Riverdale Mills mesh has been able to “meet nearly every requirement for most of Corners Limited animal enclosure projects.”

Secret to success

Keeping things simple, while pursuing creativity and innovation, is the cornerstone of Corners Limited’s business philosophy. Another key area: partnership.

“Dedication to the customer is paramount,” said Smith. “So, we rely on suppliers like Riverdale Mills to meet our strict production schedules and delivery deadlines.”

“Collaborating closely with our customers and vendors has given us the ability to listen, learn, solve challenges, and develop customer-driven solutions,” added Pestoor. “With vendors like Riverdale Mills working with us for the benefit of animal caretakers, we are in a unique position to provide quality products for a critically important outcome – the propagation and safe enjoyment of wildlife.”

“As a company that honors and embraces sustainability and has worked to reestablish native animals and their habitat at our manufacturing facility on the Blackstone River, Riverdale Mills is proud to support Corners’ mission and commitment to its customers,” stated Knott.