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High-Security Welded Wire Mesh – The New Chain Link Fence

By contributing writer JM Lanzillo - Spring 2017

International security expert and CEO of Panama-based Group CSC Andrew Mullen is not easily phased. For over 20 years, he has implemented security solutions in high-risk environments worldwide. But when the face of one of his security officers was crushed with a shotgun at his client’s extremely well-protected manufacturing plant, Mullen immediately investigated alternative security solutions.

At Riverdale Mills in Northbridge, you quickly realize, they’re up to something big. James Knott Jr’s family business is wire mesh. In 1980, Riverdale started using wire to make lobster traps and that changed the lobster industry forever. Today, Riverdale PVC coated wire traps are the premier gear used by commercial fishermen from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Now Riverdale’s largest welding machine makes the worlds tallest and strongest security mesh, called WireWall®, that protects our southern borders and embassies overseas. (WATCH THE EPISODE HERE)

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