James Knott, CEO, Riverdale Mills

The fishing industry was impacted greatly by the global pandemic due to disruptions in export markets, the loss of restaurant sales, decline in seafood prices. No strangers to challenges, fishermen pivoted to weather the storm head on. Most who curtailed their fishing during the early months of the pandemic have resumed fishing instead of leaving the industry.

“During times of crisis, fishing fleets have always stayed on the path of sustainability,” said Jim Knott, CEO of Riverdale Mills. “It builds resilience and accelerates economic recovery.”

Creating and cultivating strategic and resilient business partnerships has allowed Northbridge, MA (USA)-based Riverdale Mills to remain relevant and in demand for over 40 years. The company provides their global customers with premium wire mesh, essential tools, and sage advice.

“Innovation, quality products and customer solutions are key components of a great business,” says Knott. “Partnering with fishermen and women across the U.K. and providing sustainable and money saving products like Aquamesh® has been one of the keys to our long-term success.”

Aquamesh® is versatile marine wire mesh that resists rust, algae, and hard fouling, reduces plastic waste and energy consumption, and fishermen spend less time repairing and a lot more time fishing. Creels, trays and cages made exclusively with Aquamesh® last for years and are a top choice for catching lobsters and cultivating shellfish. Aquamesh® pots, cages, traps and wire can currently be purchased through GT Products Marine (www.gtproductsmarine.com), a longtime distributor of Riverdale’s marine and aquaculture products.

For over 40 years, Riverdale Mills has successfully weathered many storms. Knott acknowledges the keys to the company’s success lie in an unwavering determination to deliver superior products, and a commitment to staying ahead of business developments, industry trends and, most importantly, the customer’s needs.

“We exist, have always existed, to help lobstermen lobster better, fishermen fish better, and to ensure our business partners can deliver our premium quality products,” said Knott.

Riverdale has seen a steady increase in global sales since January 2021. While that may be due to pent up demand, Knott gives its global distributors and business partners tremendous credit for adopting proactive strategies to adapt. “They are innovating and building back better and stronger.”