If President Donald Trump builds his proposed border wall, a Northbridge company wants to have a hand in it.

Riverdale Mills, which makes wire mesh for everything from lobster traps to poultry farming, is working with several design build firms to incorporate WireWall, its fencing product, into proposed designs for the wall on the U.S./Mexico border promised by Trump during last year’s presidential campaign.

Earlier this month, U.S. Customs and Border Protection released two requests for proposals for potential border walls: one for a concrete wall, and one for a wall built with alternative materials. Riverdale Mills President Jim Knott said WireWall is the ideal material for a border fence.

“We have the assets and the equipment, and it would be helpful to the community and New England in general,” Knott said.

WireWall currently lines 31 miles of the U.S. border in Arizona and California, sits on 46 miles of Kuwait’s border with Iraq, and secures the U.S. Embassy in Panama. It also lines the perimeter of the Los Angeles Transit System and the Port of San Francisco, and protects several military bases, nuclear facilities, utility companies and prisons. The 358 security mesh can’t be climbed or cut and can be built up to 20 ft. tall and 6 ft. below the earth’s surface.

It’s made using the same process Riverdale Mills uses to make Aquamesh, it’s marine wire material.

Being involved with the wall building process could give the Massachusetts economy a boost, said Knott.

“It brings jobs to Massachusetts, and helps employ additional people in Worcester County, Rhode Island, and Connecticut — we draw employees from all of those states. It would help increase employment level here in Massachusetts and New England,” he said. “We have the capacity.”