Riverdale Mills Corporation sources the very finest steel, creates its proprietary PVC coating in-house, and operates its own innovative and advanced manufacturing line to create Aquamesh®, a unique, marine-grade welded wire mesh. “Our ability to create a superior product while anticipating, responding to, and providing a positive customer experience is our number one priority,” said Riverdale Mills CEO James Knott, Jr.

Riverdale Mills revolutionized the lobster fishing industry in 1980 when founder James Knott, Sr. specifically designed and created Aquamesh to build a more durable lobster trap for New England lobstermen. More than thirty-five years later, over 80% of all lobster traps in the North America are built with Aquamesh, and now lobstermen worldwide use Aquamesh to enhance the durability of their pots. Traps made exclusively with Aquamesh typically last seven to ten years.

America’s lobster fishing industry is much like the lobster industry of Scotland: it is an integral part of rural life and a valuable and significant contributor to the local economy and the country’s culture and heritage. And the passion for lobster fishing is often passed down through generations of the same family. Like his father before him, Riverdale Mills CEO James Knott, Jr. grew up fishing for lobsters in Gloucester, MA, one of the oldest seaports in America.

“Riverdale Mills has always been committed to producing technologically advanced and sustainable premium products, which minimally impact the environment,” said Knott Jr. “We are honored to be a part of this dynamic industry.”

Aquamesh is a multifunctional product that is used worldwide in the construction of lobster and crab pots, oyster and shellfish trays, and fish pens. Aquamesh is also the only wire mesh fabric in the world specifically engineered to be durable, flexible and environmentally friendly. Riverdale Mills has purposely never used any of the now banned petroleum-based phthalates, including those listed in Europe’s REACH regulations, when formulating the Company’s PVC compounds.