Sometimes all it takes is the introduction of one new element to shift the tide of an entire industry. Riverdale Mills (Northbridge, MA USA) revolutionized the lobster fishing industry over 35 years ago when the company created Aquamesh®, a first of its kind marine-grade welded wire mesh fabric designed specifically to create a more sturdy, weather and corrosion resistant lobster pot.

The demand for Aquamesh in Ireland has grown exponentially in the past three years and Riverdale Mills is committed to meeting the demands of the Irish fishing market – which is why the company is exhibiting at Skipper Expo Int. Galway 2016.

“The history of Riverdale Mills is a story much akin to the legacy of Irish fishermen: one of passion and perseverance,” said James Knott, Jr, Riverdale Mills CEO.

Fourth generation, North Mayo fisherman Pat “The Chief” O’Donnell wholeheartedly agrees with Mr. Knott. Since 2012, The Chief has used traps made with Aquamesh for his PorturlinHarbour fleet.

“Aquamesh is an incredibly versatile product. We have been building our own crab and lobster creels and experimenting with various configurations including D creels and square pots. The traps made with Aquamesh fish as well and often times better than the old creels,” said Pat.

“Our Captains now prefer to use Aquamesh for their offshore crab pots and The Chief’s inshore lobster traps made with Aquamesh have proven to fish particularly well. The Aquamesh wire is also extremely durable which goes a long way to keeping our costs down and our business profitable.”

The Chief also knows the galvanizing process used to manufacture Aquamesh is one of the elements that makes the product great.

Aquamesh is produced using Riverdale’s proprietary galvanized after welding and PVC coating process to resist corrosion, maximize durability and naturally counteracts biofouling. Galvanizing the wire mesh with a protective zinc coating retards rust and is the key to product durability. If zinc is applied to wire strands before they are welded together (GBW), the wire junctures lose their galvanized protection. When zinc is applied after welding (using GAW), traps typically last four to five times longer than traps made using the GBW process.

“I have visited the Riverdale Mills manufacturing plant to see first hand how the product is made. The company has a fantastic team which is why they have a fantastic product.”

Aquamesh is the only wire mesh fabric in the world specifically engineered to be durable, flexible and environmentally friendly.

The engineers at Riverdale Mills used an innovative, advanced galvanizing process to ensure durability. “Riverdale Mills has always been committed to producing technologically advanced and sustainable premium products, which minimally impact the environment,” said Knott. “We are honored to be a part of this dynamic industry and are committed to providing our clients with superior quality products and customer service.”