WireWall® by Riverdale Mills is a virtually impenetrable, high security fencing material most often requested by security and safety experts, architects and construction management consultants. WireWall®, a 358 security mesh, is nearly impossible to scale, rust proof and corrosion resistant, provides unmatched security and protection and is cost-effective. Riverdale has been manufacturing WireWall® at our Massachusetts, USA factory for over thirty years; WireWall® is now used in over 1,000 locations around the globe to protect embassies, borders, airports, power plants, prisons and military bases.

WireWall® is constructed from premium steel that is galvanized after welding with a heavy coating of pure zinc that protects the wire from corrosion. WireWall® is also available with our proprietary marine grade PVC coating that we fuse bond to the wire providing ultimate protection in any environment. Our facility handles every stage of the manufacturing process using rigorous testing methods to ensure our 358 security mesh, WireWall®, meets the appropriate ASTM standards. Riverdale also has the ability to meet the requirements of US Department of Transportation “Buy America” upon request. WireWall® is engineered to the highest standard of quality and is now one of the most widely used fencing materials.

WireWall® is available in several mesh styles designed for diverse types of requirements:


WireWall® High Security Fencing

Deterrence and protection are the primary objectives and security is of the uttermost importance

Ideal for:

  • Airports
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Rapid Transit
  • Border Control
  • Utility Asset Protection

WireWall® Basic Perimeter Fencing

Clearly define property lines for ultimate privacy and protection

Ideal for:

  • Farms
  • Industrial Sites
  • Residential & Resort Properties
  • Schools
  • Stadiums

WireWall® Architectural Fencing

Stylish and attractive fabrications where presentation and costs are equally important

Ideal for:

  • Commercial Properties
  • Custom Fabrications
  • Railing Systems
  • Window Screens
  • Decorative Elements

WireWall® Resources

ASTM Standards (Chart Format)

WireWall® Meets or Exceeds the following ASTM Specifications:

A123Standard Specifications for Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coatings on Iron and Steel Products
A853Standard Specifications for Steel Wire, Carbon, for General Use
A933Standard Specifications for Vinyl-Coated Steel Wire and Welded Wire Reinforcement
A1060Standard Specifications for Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Steel Welded Wire Reinforcement, Plain and Deformed, for Concrete
A1064Standard Specifications for Steel Wire and Welded Wire Reinforcement, Plain and Deformed, for Concrete (ASTM 185)


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