Copper Alloy Mesh

Copper Alloy Mesh is the latest innovative wire product from Riverdale Mills. Copper alloy meshes were originally developed for saltwater applications over 50 years ago but have recently become widely used in the aquaculture industry due to their chemical properties that naturally counteract biofouling. Riverdale’s Copper Alloy Mesh is known for its superior strength and durability and is highly recommended for finfish aquaculture applications. Copper Alloy Mesh is also used in landscaping, gardening and architectural applications due to its strength, longevity and attractive appearance that requires little maintenance. Our Copper Alloy Mesh is welded using our advanced computer controlled system that produces consistent quality welded mesh.

Copper Alloy Mesh Advantages:

Prevents Biofouling

Naturally counteracts parasites and pathogens, thereby reducing the need for additional antibiotics and other anti-fouling chemicals

Preserves Cage Volumes

Allows cages to maintain their shape and volume against strong ocean currents and waves, preventing fish crowding and low oxygen levels

Environmentally Friendly

100% recyclable material makes for a cleaner and safer environment

Ideal for: Aqua Farms • Fish Pens • Decorative Fencing • Architectural Elements

Copper Alloy Mesh Specifications

Riverdale’s Copper Alloy Mesh is a specialty product that is manufactured to order. We can custom design the size, pattern and gauge to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us for more information