Manufacturing and Capabilities

Riverdale Mills manufactures the highest quality welded wire mesh fabrics in the industry. Our 391,000-sq. ft. production plant is located in Northbridge, Massachusetts. Our extensive, state-of-the art plant includes computer controlled welders and drawing machines, proprietary hot dipped galvanizing and automated PVC coating lines and an in-house shearing department. The equipment is meticulously maintained and continuously upgraded to ensure precision manufacturing, reinforcing Riverdale’s commitment to make and supply superior welded wire mesh products.

Drawing: Riverdale draws its own bright basic wire from premium low carbon steel rod that meets or exceeds ASTM specification A510 “Standard Specification for General Requirements for Wire Rods and Coarse Round Wire, Carbon Steel, and Alloy Steel.” Riverdale strand wire is available in a wide range of sizes from 0.054 inches to 0.225 inches.

Welding: Riverdale delivers a precise welded mesh by utilizing state of the art computer controlled welding equipment to guarantee consistent weld quality. Our wire spacing capabilities are adjustable and our advanced welders allow us to respond quickly to customer requirements and deliver quality welded wire mesh when our customers need it.

Galvanizing: Riverdale wire mesh is manufactured using an incomparable galvanized after welding (GAW). The galvanized coating uses a pure zinc to completely encapsulate the weld area and protects the weld against rust and corrosion. For less critical applications where corrosion is not a major concern, galvanized before welding (GBW) is available.

Coating: By combining high-performance PVC with a breakthrough coating process, Riverdale wire mesh delivers a protective, uniform PVC coating that is designed to withstand extreme weather exposure and UV light without stripping or peeling. Using an advanced proprietary method, our PVC coating is fuse-bonded to the wire, creating the longest lasting wire mesh on the market. Standard PVC colors include: Black, Green, Yellow, Blue, White, Red, Gray, Orange and Brown.

Shearing: Riverdale’s in-house shear department can accommodate a wide range of capabilities to meet our customers’ specific demands. Our six shearing machines offer precision cutting for a variety of panel sizes and are operated by our skilled and experienced shearing staff. The shearing department also has the ability to bend or form panels upon request.

Quality Control: Riverdale’s manufacturing process, from the sourcing of raw materials to the finished product, follows a strict quality control system. Our production equipment is meticulously maintained and continuously upgraded to guarantee our products are of the highest quality available. The Riverdale staff is constantly evaluating and refining all processes to ensure the factory and all equipment are performing at maximum capacity.

Testing: Riverdale preforms all regulatory, physical, environmental and product performance testing in-house to meet the appropriate compliances. We can certify that our products meet ASTM or International specifications where applicable. Riverdale also has the ability to meet the requirements of “Buy America” upon customer request.

Additional Services: Budget Estimates, CAD Drawings, Product Samples, Arranging Logistics