Fishing News

Hurricane-Hardened Aquamesh Pots Catch-On in Ireland

By Fishing News Staff Writer - February 22, 2018

Michael Kenneally has been a fisherman for over 35 years. Along with his son Michael Jr, and crewman David Heffernan, he had always fished with nets off the coast of Co Cork. That is until the seals found their way into the fishing grounds. For the past three years, staff at Riverdale Mills Corporation, manufacturers of Aquamesh, have worked closely with Michael Sr as he transitioned from fishing with nets, to lobster pots made exclusively with Aquamesh.

Fencepost Magazine

Changing the Face of Security Fencing

By Steven H. Miller - November/December 2017

Events of the past two decades have vastly increased the need and demand for higher perimeter security in places where it was not previously thought necessary. Terrorist attacks in Europe in the 1990s, the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11 and the upsurge in terrorist attacks worldwide since then have made perimeter security a top-of-mind issue.

The Skipper

Aquamesh Ties Together the Work of Lobstermen Worldwide

By Keith Broomfield - September 2017

Sometimes all it takes is the introduction of one new element to turn the tide. The common thread tying together thework of lobstermen around the world is Riverdale Mills’ specialised wire Aquamesh®.

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