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Changing the Face of Security Fencing

By Steven H. Miller - November/December 2017

Events of the past two decades have vastly increased the need and demand for higher perimeter security in places where it was not previously thought necessary. Terrorist attacks in Europe in the 1990s, the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11 and the upsurge in terrorist attacks worldwide since then have made perimeter security a top-of-mind issue.

The Skipper

Aquamesh Ties Together the Work of Lobstermen Worldwide

By Keith Broomfield - September 2017

Sometimes all it takes is the introduction of one new element to turn the tide. The common thread tying together thework of lobstermen around the world is Riverdale Mills’ specialised wire Aquamesh®.

In May, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) division of the Department of Homeland Security declared that it had selected a brace of finalists in the competition to design the Trump administration’s proposed wall between the United States and Mexico. The announcement was the first sign that the project, a centerpiece of Donald Trump’s campaign for president last year, was gaining traction in the real world, with the qualifying companies slated to begin building prototype segments in a matter of a few weeks.

Security Director

High-Security Welded Wire Mesh – The New Chain Link Fence

By contributing writer JM Lanzillo - Spring 2017

International security expert and CEO of Panama-based Group CSC Andrew Mullen is not easily phased. For over 20 years, he has implemented security solutions in high-risk environments worldwide. But when the face of one of his security officers was crushed with a shotgun at his client’s extremely well-protected manufacturing plant, Mullen immediately investigated alternative security solutions.

The Skipper

Riverdale Mills’ Aquamesh is Catching in Scotland

By Keith Broomfield - June 2017

Fishing is ‘of much greater social, economic and cultural importance to Scotland than it is relative to the rest of the UK’, according to The Royal Society of Edinburgh. ‘Scotland has just 8.4% of the UK population, but its ports land over 60% of the total catch in the UK.’

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – A local company is hoping to bring new jobs to the area by helping to build the controversial border wall along the border with Mexico.

Manufacturing Today

Profiles: Riverdale Mills

By Bianca Herron - April 17, 2017

Riverdale Mills Corporation manufactures more than 3,500 configurations of welded wire mesh for the marine, aquaculture, security, and construction and farming industries.

Blackstone Valley Xpress

Riverdale Mills At Home In A World Of Wire

By Rod Lee - April 14, 2017

There may be few throwbacks left to the Blackstone Valley’s glory days as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. But one of them—Riverdale Mills Corp. in Northbridge—is a 21st Century powerhouse.

By the time bidding closed Tuesday, there was no lack of companies competing to build the wall President Trump has proposed for the border between the U.S. and Mexico. In fact, by The Associated Press’ count, upwards of 200 organizations had expressed interest in designing and building it for Customs and Border Protection.

Riverdale Mills Seeks to Help Build Trump’s Border Fence

By Laura Finaldi - March 28, 2017

If President Donald Trump builds his proposed border wall, a Northbridge company wants to have a hand in it.

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