The Wire Drawing Machine Operator performs established wire drawing operations to set-up and run computer controlled wire drawing machine to produce a high quality product.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Maintain necessary records.
  • Move materials as necessary in the performance of duties or as directed.
  • Detect and report improper operation of faulty equipment and unusual conditions to the supervisor.
  • Maintain work area and equipment in clean, safe and orderly condition.
  • Follow prescribed safety rules and regulations.
  • Maintain quality standards

Wire Drawing Machine Required Setup:

Work from schedules and verbal instructions to perform set-up and operation of wire drawing machine in accordance with predetermined specifications. Position steel wire on roll stand and feed through dies in drawing machine. Actuate foot pedal to control amount of with wire size being drawn. Change and replace dies when worn or in accordance with wire size changes. Point wire to thread thru dies. Investigate cause of stoppage or wire breaks. Reset the machine and weld broken wire on restart operation. Check take-up roll regularly to ensure proper operation. Cut wire at proper point after drawing, remove and replace the take-up roll. Set adjustment for each operational cycle/wire changeover.

Operate overhead crane to transport material to and from drawing machine. May use micrometers. Pointer, wire cutters and other hand tools and measuring devices.

Physical Demand:

  • On feet for most of the working hours
  • Lifting up to approximately 50 lbs.
  • Pushing, pulling, turning, twisting, bending
  • Moving heavy weight material; such as wire mesh rolls
  • Repetitive motion of hands
  • Repetitive squatting and kneeling

Perform other related duties as required or as directed.

f you are a proactive person who takes pride and ownership in your contribution, have excellent attention to detail and want to be part of a growing organization this could be your next long term role.