Like most business sectors across the globe, the fishing industry is embracing low-impact and sustainable practices. As a result, shellfish farming of oysters, scallops and mussels has emerged as a significant aquaculture business on the coasts of many countries. This trend has encompassed Scotland and is being fueled in part by Aquamesh®, the most trusted wire mesh invented in New England.

From coast to coast around the world, lobster fishermen and shellfish farmers choose Aquamesh for building their lobster traps and shellfish cultivation pens.

Roger Gillam, owner of GT Products UK, believes Aquamesh is a great multi-functional product for both trap fishing and aquaculture.

“Aquamesh is versatile, resists algae and hard fouling, and my customers spend less time repairing and a lot more time fishing. Using Aquamesh saves money, reduces plastic waste and energy consumption, and the applications are endless – it’s used for creels, floating shellfish culture cages, and storage and handling.”

James Knott, Jr., CEO of Riverdale Mills Corp. “Creels, trays and cages made exclusively with Aquamesh last for years, are the most cost-effective solution, and have become the top choice for catching lobster and cultivating shellfish. Invented almost 40 years ago, Aquamesh is extremely durable and can withstand up to a decade of fishing and hauling in the roughest seas and weather conditions”.

Innovation, quality, and customer service are always top priorities at Riverdale Mills, earning the company many awards and recognitions, including a coveted 2019 Manufacturing Leadership Award from the National Association of U.S. Manufacturers. This award honors organizations embracing new technologies, shaping the future of global manufacturing, and redefining the meaning of manufacturing excellence.

Invented almost 40 years ago, Aquamesh is extremely durable, can withstand up to a decade of fishing and hauling in the roughest seas, and is also the only wire mesh fabric in the world specifically engineered to be environmentally friendly. All Riverdale Mills products are made in the United States.

GT Products stock Aquamesh in a range of roll widths and panels at their warehouse in West Sussex and distributes nationwide.