Riverdale Mills has always been an ardent supporter of the lobster industry, providing industry insight for research and development, and creating products to help ensure the sustainability of the industry and the financial wellbeing of the fishermen. Riverdale’s welded wire marine mesh products are designed to do the same.

According to Riverdale Mills CEO James Knott Jr, Aquamesh is the only wire mesh fabric in the world specifically engineered for the marine industry and made to last. “Our engineers use an innovative, advanced galvanising process to ensure the integrity and longevity of our welded wire mesh,” he says.

Galvanising the wire mesh with a protective zinc coating is the key to the durability of Aquamesh.

If zinc is applied to wire strands before they are welded together (GBW), the zinc melts and the wire junctions lose their galvanised protection; rust and corrosion will rapidly occur. When zinc is applied after welding (GAW), the wire is welded, pulled through a tank of molten zinc and emerges with a heavy zinc coating.

Wire mesh manufactured using the GAW process is rust-proof, corrosion resistant and incredibly durable; the wire mesh lasts four to 10 times longer than wire mesh made using the GBW process. Riverdale Mills guarantees its marquee product Aquamesh is always hot dipped zinc galvanised after welding (GAW).

Aquamesh is also treated with Riverdale’s plant-based, proprietary PVC coating to further protect the wire, leading to a longer lifetime of use.
According to James Knott Jr, it is very difficult for the eye to see if the wire mesh is GAW or GBW, which is why it is important to ask the question when buying wire mesh for marine use or new creels or traps.

“Riverdale Mills has always been committed to our customers and to delivering technologically-advanced and environmentally-friendly premium products,” said Knott. “We guarantee every panel or roll of Aquamesh is made using the GAW and PVC-coating process, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied.”